The house of Vourakis , is the cumulation of generations of passion, love, perseverance and most of all faith.

With origins steeped in tailoring, VOURAKIS 1899, imbues a sense of creative flair and unwavering attention
to detail  in every endeavour, just as every hand crafted garment demands from the master tailor.
When the master tailor transformed himself into a merchant of global dimension is when our house truly comes alive.

Adventures across generations that have sailed us from the mountains of Crete, to the shores of the Peloponnese and the bustling ancient Athenian capital, across Europe, to the new world, the near east and to the far flung reaches of the orient. It is our passion for quality, adventure and a belief that everything is possible that defines all it is we do.

Our world is woven from the cloth of boundless exploration and ambition, ensuring that every decision,
every choice, every action is threaded by unique talent and experience native to none other than our house.
Our house is indefinable, Our House accepts no limitation, we are,




About us

Διεύθυνση: ΑΓΙΟΥ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ 41- ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ -18546
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